About Wellspring

Wellspring International Education provides a link between students who want to study in the United States andAmerican colleges and universities that seek to enroll those students. Toward that end, Wellspring partners with a broad range of colleges and universities in the United States.

Wellspring’s Education Specialists will work with you to identify the right school and to help you through the admission process. We do this at no cost to the applicant as we are paid directly by the colleges and universities that we represent.

We represent High Point University, Walsh University, Southwestern University, and Rockford University offering a broad range of campus based undergraduate and graduate programs.

Through our WebCape and AM English offerings we also work with language schools around the globe to help international students learn English in preparation for their studies. WebCAPE is an online assessment that will determine a student’s ACTUAL language proficiency level in reading, grammar and listening in less than 40 minutes. AM English provides ETS reviewed and approved online English instruction designed to build TOEFL skills and develop students’ academic English.