Why Earn an American College Degree?

America has an excellent reputation for higher education.

It’s easy to see why so many international students study for an American college degree.

For one, there’s America’s academic reputation. American colleges and universities often have earned top billing in various global rankings. Institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Princeton make America the obvious destination for students seeking superior education.

And two: America offers an abundance of academic opportunities. The US offers more than 4,000 colleges and universities with over 600 fields of study. Most institutions are even flexible enough that you can explore diverse disciplines and even major and minor in separate departments.

Recognition of an American College Degree

Since American colleges and universities should be accredited (that is, approved or endorsed), the degree that you earn should be internationally recognized. Moreover, many American colleges have established dual and/or joint degree programs with international institutions, which help ensure the validity of an American college degree abroad.

Several American colleges also offer global studies programs that expose American students to different cultures. These programs are part of a general initiative to produce “global citizens,” or students whose academic focus is not confined to their home country.

These international projects translate to a wider acceptance of American education.

Benefits of an American College Degree

In addition to the excellent education, academic freedom and global prestige, there are more material benefits as well.

Many American colleges (as well as the professors who teach there) have strong connections with businesses across the country or even around the world.  Because of this, some companies are more likely to hire students from specific schools, both for full-time jobs after graduation as well as for internships. An already impressive resume filled with academic achievements, extracurricular activities and work experience will get a boost simply by listing the American college you attended.

What’s more, students who hold an American college degree can expect to earn nearly twice as much as those holding lesser certifications.

Within the US, individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $51,000 per year (those holding advanced degrees can earn $76,000 or more). In the international marketplace, an American college degree is literally a valuable commodity.

Almost 600,000 international students study in America each year. They comprise 4% of America’s total undergraduate population and 10% of its total graduate population. Whatever your background, whatever your interests, chances are you will be able to pursue them if you study for an American college degree.