Learn about College in the United States

Wellspring representatives are always available to talk with you about your college goals. Just fill out the request information form on this page and a representative will be in touch to set up a time to talk. We work with several colleges in the United States. Our representative can help you learn about those schools, determine which schools have programs that meet your academic interest, help you learn about student life, tuition, admission requirements, English language support options, and the communities where our schools are located. Complete the request information form on this page let us help you learn about: Programs that lead to guaranteed admission into over 40 top universities including: University of Virgina (US News #23 National) College of William and Mary (US News #32 National) University of California - Davis (US News #39 National) University of California - Santa Barbara (US News #41 National) As well as direct admission to several other Wellspring schools including: High Point University (US News #1 South Region) Southwestern University (US News #65 National Liberal Arts) Walsh University (US News #48 Midwest Region) Rockford University