Rockford Campus & Community


Rockford University boasts a 150-acre campus with state of the art academic buildings, residence halls, and athletic facilities. Some highlights of Rockford’s campus include:

  • The Clark Arts Center: where are performing arts programs are located and students can relax in a peaceful courtyard and garden
  • The Lion’s Den: a recreational building where students can socialize, hang out, watch TV, play ping pong, and participate in weekly evening programs
  • Tennis courts
  • Seaver Physical Educational Center
  • Starr Science Center: where the majority of labs are located
  • Howard Colman Library



Rockford University is located in Rockford, Illinois—a city of 150,000 people that is just a 90 minute drive from Chicago, 80 minutes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and 90 minutes from Madison, Wisconsin. Rockford Chicago International Airport is located just four miles south of Rockford and makes traveling extremely convenient.

Students who attend Rockford University will experience weather of all four seasons. During the summer months, students can expect temperatures that range from 21-30 degrees Celsius in Rockford. When the weather starts to cool down in September, students can expect temperatures from 21-15 degrees Celsius. In the winter months, snow is very common and students can expect significant snowfall from December through February with temperatures of -7 to -1 degrees Celsius. Students can expierence fun for ever season. During the warm summer months students can spend long evenings outside playing pickup games, even water skiing down the Rock River. During the fall students can watch the seasons change as the boundless trees around campus adorn their fall colors. In the winter months students can enjoy the snow by building snowmen and sledding. Then in the spring watch as nature shakes off the snow and everything comes out in a million colors to bloom.

With countless restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, and parks, Rockford is a community with endless possibilities for exploration and fun.