Rockford Master of Arts in Teaching

Rockford University offers a broad range of education masters degree programs. Please see the list below. To apply to any of these programs click on the Apply Online button at the top of the page, select Rockord on the School Selection page and then Education - Masters on the Apply For page of the application. 
Remember that while many of these programs meet the requirements for an Illinois teaching license, that does not guarantee that you can work in the United States. In order to work in the United States you need an employer to sponsor you for a work permit. Most schools do not sponsor work permits unless the employee has special skills (e.g., Spanish / English bilingual) that are needed by the school.
The Master of Arts in Teaching at Rockord University
Graduate Initial Certification Programs
Several programs are offered through the Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Rockford University, some of which enable a teaching candidate to earn an initial teaching certificate. Programs are available for those who seek early childhood, elementary, secondary, reading or special education teaching certificates. All secondary content areas that are approved for the undergraduate program are approved for the MAT as well.
Certification Tracks

Non-Certification Tracks

  • Instructional Strategies
  • MAT in Education

Length of the Program
Most students can reasonably complete the MAT degree in two or three years, depending upon the number of courses taken per semester. Students have up to five years to complete all degree requirements.