Sacred Heart Student Life

According to the 2012-2013 student body profile, Sacred Heart University is home to 6,434 total students. 3,399 of these students are full-time undergraduate, 693 are part-time undergraduate students, and 2,342 are graduate students. About 17% of Sacred Heart’s students come from a minority background. Connecticut residents comprised 29% of Sacred Heart University’s student body while students from other states and nations made up 71% of the student body. Overall, 42 states and 31 countries are represented in the students of Sacred Heart.


About 90% of Sacred Heart freshmen live on-campus while 51% of all Sacred Heart undergraduate students live on campus. Sacred Heart University has 10 residence halls on-campus and five additional leased facilities bordering the main campus.


Sacred Heart University participates in NCAA Division I athletics including: 

•    Basketball
•    Cross country
•    Men’s fencing
•    Men’s ice hockey
•    Track & field
•    Football
•    Golf
•    Soccer
•    Swimming
•    Men’s wrestling
•    Tennis
•    Men's baseball
•    Lacrosse
•    Women’s rowing
•    Women's volleyball
•    Women's softball

In addition, Sacred Heart University offers club sports. These teams also compete with other colleges but are independent of the university. Fees are paid by the student athletes. Club sports at Sacred Heart include:

•    Baseball
•    Basketball
•    Bowling
•    Weightlifting
•    Dance team
•    Field hockey
•    Figure skating
•    Golf
•    Gymnastics
•    Ice hockey
•    Sailing
•    Lacrosse
•    Rugby
•    Running
•    Soccer
•    Softball
•    Volleyball
•    Tennis
•    Ultimate Frisbee 

Also, there are a number of intramural sports at Sacred Heart. Intramural sports are non-cut sports (everyone can participate) in which students compete with other students or teams at Sacred Heart University. These include:

•    Flag football
•    Volleyball
•    Dodgeball
•    Soccer (indoor/outdoor)
•    Softball
•    Basketball
•    Floor hockey
•    Tennis 

Clubs and Organizations

Sacred Heart University also offers a vast amount of student clubs and organizations, including fraternities and sororities. With more than 50 registered student organizations on campus, Sacred Heart provides endless opportunities for involvement outside academics. 

Some of Sacred Heart’s student organizations include:

•    American Medical Student Association
•    Pioneer Magazine
•    Pre-Law Club
•    The Pulse (television network)
•    Prologue (yearbook)
•    Chess Club
•    Martial Arts Club
•    Student Events Team
•    Peace by Justice
•    Student Government Senate
•    As well as various religious clubs & organizations

Volunteering and civic engagement are also very popular at Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart students regularly volunteer their time to give back to the community.