Southwestern Academics

Southwestern University offers 27 majors for students to explore. Additionally, there are pre-professional and certification programs in medicine, law, education, engineering, and theology at Southwestern. 


Southwestern has a student/faculty ratio of 11:1, with an average class size of 14 students. More than 95 percent of classes offered have 29 or fewer students. The faculty at Southwestern University works with its students, so collaborative research and publication with students is common.

Special academic programs include Paideia, First Year Seminar, the King Creativity Fund, and the Student Works Symposium.


Paideia is a unique, nationally acclaimed program that fosters interdisciplinary study and close student-faculty involvement. The First Year Seminar is a half-semester course designed to help students adjust to the challenges presented by transitioning to college. The King Creativity fund awards students grants to help them explore creative and visionary student projects. The Student Works Symposium allows students to share their independent research and innovative work in an academic conference setting.

Southwestern University also provides ample opportunities for students to study abroad and receive a holistic, liberal arts education.