UB California Academics

In the UB California program, students attend the College of San Mateo (CSM) for either one or two years before attending a U.S. university.

  • After attending CSM for one year, students may complete a competitive transfer to any U.S. university
  • After attending CSM for two years, students are guaranteed a transfer to several top U.S. universities, as outlined below with an associated GPA requirement from CSM
    • University of California Berkeley, GPA tbd
    • University of California Los Angeles, GPA tbd
    • University of California Davis, 3.2 GPA
    • University of California Irvine, 3.4 GPA
    • University of California Santa Barbara, 3.2 GPA
    • University of California Riverside, 3.0 GPA
    • University of California Santa Cruz, 3.0 GPA

The College of San Mateo is a two-year college located at the northern corridor of Silicon Valley, approximately 30 minutes from San Francisco and near Oracle, Apple, and Google. The campus is located on a beautiful 153-acre site in the San Mateo hills that provides a panoramic view of San Francisco Bay. Since 1922, CSM has been a gateway to higher education leading to university transfer, career preparation and advancement, and professional and personal development.

The College of San Mateo has a less than 1% international student population and an average class size of 35 students.  There are over 20 student activity clubs. 

Through the UB California program, many students transfer to UCLA and since 1997 there has been a 100% international student admit rate to UC Berkeley.