University Bridge California

University Bridge is the only U.S. college program with guaranteed admission to a U.S. News & World Report Top 25 ranked university. The University Bridge California program is an all-inclusive academic experience tailored to international students prepared to study in the U.S. Upon completing a course of study at a California community college, San Mateo College, admission is given a on a priority basis to Berkeley (U.S. News #20) and UCLA (U.S. News #23).  Admission is guaranteed to UC Davis (U.S. News #39), UC Santa Barbara (U.S. News #41), or UC Irvine (U.S. News #49).

Students attend College of San Mateo for one year to gain a competitive transfer to any U.S. university or two years to gain a guaranteed transfer admission to a top California school. The guaranteed admission is based on a qualifying GPA from College of San Mateo and may vary by major. The program has a 100% international student admit rate into Berkeley since 1997.
The College of San Mateo is located 30 minutes from San Francisco and near Stanford University, Google, Apple, and Oracle.