Walsh Campus and Community

Walsh University is located in North Canton, Ohio in the Midwestern part of the United States about half way between New York City and Chicago. Ohio is home to several cities including Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati. Outside of the city there are rolling hills and farm land.
Because it is in the northern part of the country, you will experience all four seasons of weather in Ohio. Students will arrive on campus in late summer and should expect warm weather in the between 23-29 degrees Celsius. Autumn begins in late September and the temperatures can range from 7-18 degrees Celsius.  Winter will generally begin in December and snow would be expected at anytime through March when the weather begins to warm up again through spring.
Walsh University is situated on a beautifully landscaped campus. The total size of Walsh University’s campus amounts to 136 acres with 22 buildings. Walsh provides its students with ample on-campus amenities including a Starbucks, convenience store, move theater and multiple fitness centers.
Walsh University is home to state-of-the art learning centers and classrooms.
Walsh University is located in North Canton, Ohio, a safe, suburban city near the cities of Canton and Akron. Walsh is conveniently located 7 miles away from the Akron/Canton airport.
As a Walsh University resident, you will have easy access to Washington Square, a plaza located across the street from our campus with options of groceries, banks, restaurants and more.
North Canton is located in northeast Ohio and has a population of 16,500. It is a suburban area of Canton, Ohio, which has a population close to 90,000. The city of North Canton has been observed as one of the top 100 small cities to live in the USA and offers a wide variety of restaurants, shopping areas, and cinemas.
Walsh University is also within driving distance from larger cities such as Cleveland (50 min), Columbus (2 hours and 30 min), Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Drive a little further and you can reach Chicago, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Toronto and many other inviting destinations.