Walsh University Master of Education

Walsh University offers a Masters of Education with three tracks:
Reading Literacy
Leadership with Principal's License
21st Century Technologies
To apply to any of these programs click on the Apply Online button at the top of the page, select Walsh University on the School Selection page and then Education - Masters on the Apply For page of the application. 
Remember that while many of these programs meet the requirements for an Ohio teaching license, that does not guarantee that you can work in the United States. In order to work in the United States you need an employer to sponsor you for a work permit. Most schools do not sponsor work permits unless the employee has special skills (e.g., Spanish / English bilingual) that are needed by the school.
Master in Education Reading Literacy
Strong literacy skills are essential building blocks for students to succeed in school, and in all aspects of their lives.
Teachers who are highly qualified in the area of language arts are in high demand as literacy expectations continue to increase. The Reading Literacy specialization serves to strengthen a teacher's competency, making them extremely valuable in the area of reading proficiency.
This program prepares experienced teachers to assess reading literacy, as well as develop, plan and implement reading programs to assist the diverse needs and abilities of students.  Reading literacy courses include:

  • Developmental Language and Literacy
  • Methods of Teaching Developmental Reading
  • The Principles and Practices of Teaching Phonics
  • Reading Assessment and Intervention
  • Reading in the Content Areas
  • Clinical Practicum in Reading

Upon earning a Master in Education degree with a focus in Reading Literacy, graduates often go on to be reading specialists, literacy coaches, or classroom teachers.
Master in Education Leadership with Principal License
Students with a gift for leadership can learn the unique tools and strategies necessary to lead, administer and manage in an academic environment through Walsh University’s Master in Education program.
The Leadership with Principal License specialization* is designed for current teachers seeking to enhance their leadership potential with an educational organization. Students will be taught by experienced leaders in education to prepare them to work in an academic leadership or administrative role.
Upon completing core curriculum classes, students in the program focus on leadership techniques, including:

  • Instructional Leadership
  • Mentoring & Supervision
  • School and Community Relations
  • Assessing Student Performance
  • Implementing Content Area Curriculum

Courses to qualify for Principal licensure are also available.
Master in Education 21st Century Technologies
The world of education is changing.
As technology continues to change and evolve, and as children are exposed to technology at earlier ages, our learning environments must adapt, too. Technology has infused the educational system, and the importance of preparing teachers for these emerging technologies is critical.
The demand for qualified teachers who understand and can effectively incorporate technology into teaching curriculum is skyrocketing. This Master in Education specialization prepares teachers to engage students and improve learning outcomes through 21st Century technologies.
Upon completing foundation courses, students in this track take instructional technology courses, including:

  • Information and Communications Technologies for Teaching and Learning
  • Survey of 21st Century Teaching and Learning Technologies
  • Applying Advanced Instructional Technologies
  • Design, Development and Delivery of e-Learning
  • Applying 21st Century Teaching and Learning Research to Educational Practice

Be ahead of the technology curve by obtaining a Master in Education degree with a focus in 21st Century Technologies to keep current with technology and aid in preparing students for these technological demands.